A Diva Driven Wrestling Podcast

We are a wrestling podcast made by women! We basically drink and talk wrestling, take shots, and more wrestling.

If you don’t like drinking, wrestling or women, you should probably just tap out now..

But if you do Join us as we discuss the weekly happenings of the WWE’s Raw, Smackdown & NXT!

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Our Newest Episode
Meet the Divas
Princess Jelly Bean (PJ)
"Wrestling is like the best episode of Real Housewives every time.
It's one BIG Rowdy sing along.. That and I've never had to wait in line for a bathroom at a Wrestling event... Which you know is always nice."
Wild Spice
"Wrestling was always a way for me to band with my brothers but then High School happened forgot about my childhood homies but Now I'm Back!"
The Baker
"I got into Wrestling through Glow Reruns: It played on sundays after church.
Watching WWF wasn't allowed but Ladies in bikinis were OK." #LatinMomLogic
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Their purpose is to deliver fresh and unique perspectives through a variety of voices that approach their industry with ingenuity and exploration.

They exist to awaken the artist and visionary in all of us, and invite our listeners to see the world through a different lens.

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Keep your Face Beat and your Heels High!